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Personal Trainers in Winter Park

Our personal trainers have years of experience and are trained in specifically working with adults over 40 years of age.


Missi Mitchell has been training at Elite since it’s opening in 2006. 

She has a heart for people and connecting with them to dig deep to see what’s holding them back from reaching goals. 

She genuinely cares about the overall wellness of Elite clients. Missi is a certified TLS coach and Nutrametrix consultant implementing wellness programs with health professionals and gyms across the nation. 

Our clients are blessed to get the one on one support from he with lifestyle education and solutions to help reach their goals and their full potential. 



NASM certified personal trainer for 6 years whose Passion for health and fitness started at an early age watching my father who is an avid runner to having a gigantic garden in Pennsylvania and having a mother who I wanted to help feel better about herself. 

Then after having my first son gaining 66 pounds and losing it second child 74 pounds and losing it and third child 51 pounds and losing it I realized for sure I could help others do the same! 

I love personal training because I love building relationships with people helping them feel better inside and out and watching them progress even in the slightest to the most biggest improvements they could’ve imagined.


Graduate of Oak Ridge H.S. and University of Central Florida.

Married for 45 years with 2 children and 2 grandchildren.
After 20 years of hotel management then worked as a licensed home inspector for 15 years. Received my certification as a personal trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine, NASM, and since have been training clients at Elite Strength and Fitness.


I’ve had a lifelong interest in physical fitness and after an unfortunate accident that made it unsafe to continue climbing on top of houses, I pursued my passion and became a personal trainer. 

I find it very gratifying that I can help others improve their physical fitness. As a senior citizen myself, it is especially gratifying helping other seniors not only improve their fitness but also their quality of life.