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Goal Setting Plans For Your Workouts

When you sign up with a personal training program at Elite Strength and Fitness, the first thing that we do is sit down with with you and set up your goal plan.  

Some people want to lose weight while others want increased strength.  Everyone has different goals ranging from increased flexibility, more stamina, recover faster from surgery or simply wanting to be able to interact with their grandchildren.

3 of our most popular goal plans are listed below:

goals for personal training

6 Month Plan

Positive Start

As you embark on your fitness journey, we understand how important it is to see positive changes. Our Six-Month Plan, combined with good nutrition will bring out a new, healthier and vibrant person. You will regain your youthful beauty and regain the strength to enjoy life all over again.

9 Month Plan

Lifestyle Transformation

If you want even better results, enroll in our 9 Months Lifestyle Transformation plan. You will love the transformation as you will regain your youthful look. It will be amazing to have all the energy you thought you had lost back.

You will look forward to attending the next 20-minutes session with our personal trainer. Life will never be the same again for you. People will notice the positive change and you will no longer struggle to achieve your other goals.

12 Month Plan

Body Transformation Plan

With our one year plan, our personal trainer will take you through life-transformation sessions that will totally change your life. The fitness level you thought was unachievable will be a reality and your health will get better.

With our certified personal trainer, your health will happen! In all your 20 minutes sessions, you will be all that matters to your personal trainer. You want a slow pace, we will oblige! We are your motivation to achieving a better, healthier you.